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A place for people who seek aerobics , yoga , weightlifting , steambath , weight reduction ,etc.
                                                                                              all under one roof with experienced male & female trainers.

 The Fitness Ajmer

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a person who helps people exercise.

Welcome to
 The Fitness Ajmer Perfect Body , the premier training program in Ajmer . We specialize in weight loss, toning and shaping. Let us help you achieve your best body.

We care about you and your results
Some trainers in the industry might view you as another paycheck. We take pride in helping and guiding you throughout the training process so that you can reach your goal. After training and following our program, you will have more energy, feel happier and confident and become excited about your life again. When I worked in banking and I let myself gain weight, it felt great when I recommitted and started a new training program. It was this commitment that made me feel good inside. One important lesson that I learned was that self love is the greatest gift a person could give to themselves. Learning to love ourselves is what we live for. This self love will express itself as confidence, a glowing aura, good health, and attract loving partners.

So, whether a client is a college student, a grandmother, or a CFO of some large company, theyve all had similar responses:

I feel and look sexier
I get more compliments from fellow co-workers.
Im the talk of my high school reunion.
I cant believe it, I have a six pack!
I simply feel and look more attractive.
I have more energy and Im more productive at work.
Im amazed that I lost weight and never felt hungry.
I simply just feel more confident.

What will you learn from following my program? You will learn:

How to eat to lose fat.
When and how much to eat.
Picking the right foods at the grocery store.
How to stay motivated and consistent.
How often you should exercise.
How to better understand your metabolism.
The best exercises for you to reshape your body.
The best cardio program given your goals.
The proper form and technique for exercises at the gym.
How to get past plateaus.
How to reach a new level of fitness beyond what you have accomplished in the past.

If you're interested in personal training feel free to call us at
and we will personally help you reach your goals.


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